Monday, May 05, 2008

Say What You Mean To Say

I was just futzing around iTunes tonight when I decided to click on a recent song by John Mayer called "Say." It's one of those songs you hear on the PA systems of stores and I found it a catchy tune, if a bit generic at first hearing. I didn't realize that it was a song for the movie, "The Bucket List," a film about two men who decide to live life when they find out they have limited time left on earth.

I was reminded of something my boss blogged about on this movie and attending the funeral of his sister-in-law after a long illness. He was reminded about what his own "bucket list" was.

Hopefully, I have a few decades before the end, but the lyrics have reminded me of myself. Maybe it's the (suspected) Asperger's but I have been known to be brutally honest to people and in some cases have paid the price. For me, it made sense to say what was on your mind. But, over time, I have learned to keep quiet, to act like "normal" people do.

But I think sometimes, we need to learn to just live life. I mean, sometimes, people need to hear the truth as hard as it is to hear.

I guess the song just reminds me that it's okay to be honest (at least sometimes).

Anyway, here is the video to the song:

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