Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Why Church Planting Sucks (Sometimes) for Me

Every so often, I get the itch to start planting a church again.

And every so often I slap myself for thinking about that.

Church planting is hard work, but what I liked is that I was able to find a place for me in the church, where I seem not able to fit in. But it was hard dealing with people. Maybe if I didn't have to deal with people I would be successful in church planting, but since the church is made up of people...

That's the frustrating thing about it. People are so illogical. You have people who say they want to support your new church plant and want to be a part of it, then you never hear from them again. Don't you think if you SAY you are intersted in something that you will do it?

I've always felt that part of church planting meant having to be a schmoozer. I tend to think the successful new churches are those who have very people-friendly pastors. I try. I mean, I meet new people for coffee and try to be sociable, but I think people can see that I am not comfortable meeting them. It's not that I dispise them or anything, in fact, I want to get to know them, it's just meeting people is hard for me. Always has.

So, I don't think church planting is for me in the near future, unless I'm part of a team with a very perky person leading. I'm just not made to be the outfront leader.

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