Wednesday, April 09, 2008

The Alien Pastor

While doing all this research on Asperger's, I stumbled across this quote by Temple Grandin that seems to describe and my realtion with the church to a T:

What would happen if the autism gene was eliminated from the gene pool?

You would have a bunch of people standing around in a cave, chatting and socializing and not getting anything done.

That SO sounds like me. I feel like many people in the church are interested in maintainence. They want their pastors to take care of them, provide programs and services and basically keep the church open. In some way, that makes sense, but I am constantly interested in improving the church, to see where the church isn't. For example, I've always been interested in planting churches, but I am in a culture where few have a similar passion and are more interested in maintaining their current churches. Again, not a bad thing, but I am more interested in trying to do new things. What's cool about my job with the Presbyterians is that I am always doing new things and "building a better mousetrap." But sometimes I don't think that sense of innovation is welcomed in the church. I think many in the church like conformity and stability and that makes it hard for innovators.

I think I would be open to planting a new church if I could find another innovator. Maybe I need to find another person that might have Asperger's, since we seem more interested in making something better than trying to be socialable.

Of course, you need people who are socialble. If it were up to "aspies" if that's what I am, then the church might be innovative, but not welcoming. What's frustrating is that the church is tipped for the most part to those that are more interested in maintaining the institution instead of having a missional mindset.

It really makes one feel that you are an alien pastor in the church.

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