Sunday, April 06, 2008

Brother from Another Planet, Continued

So, this morning at church someone comes up to with a flyer about an event. I said I would like to place this on the website to invite the wider community. The person hesitated because the intent was to be more internal than external. I hesitated not knowing how to respond.

I share this because it's another one of those events that makes me wonder if I have Asperger's. There was nothing that stated the event was not to be widely publicized. I just thought that churches tend to have public events that everyone is welcome to attend. I couldn't pick up the cue that just because it's a fun, fellowship event that it is supposed to be public and not geared towards fellowship building.

This is what I have to deal with all the time. Church can be a minefield, because there are SO many unwritten rules to contend with. It kind of like putting together a puzzle without the picture.

Just another question...

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