Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The Old Man and the Blog

As most of you know, I am the IT/Communications person for the Presbytery of the Twin Cities Area. We've been working with Interim Executive Presbyters for a few years while the Presbytery decides what is happening next and find a new, permanent Executive Presbyter. In February, Bob Cuthill became the new Interim EP. Bob is a retired Presbyterian pastor who has been in the ministry in one for or another for 53 years.
One day during a meeting, our 78-year-old Executive asked me if he could have a blog set up for him.

I about fainted.

I mean, first, it's amazing that a man who is almost 80 has even heard of a blog and second that he wants to use one!

But Bob never ceases to amaze me. He wanted some way to communicate with people in the Presbytery and creating a blog was the best way in his view.

So, I went about getting him set up and it is now online. It's called "Bob's EPSpace." It's a good read. It's not the same blog that a teen would write or even someone my age; but instead it is the look inside a the mind (and soul)of man who has lived life and how he has been faithful to God all that time.

You really are never too old to learn.

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