Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Paul Ryan and Christian Discernment

Now that Paul Ryan has been selected as the GOP Vice Presidential candidate, I've noticed an awful lot of talk about the Wisconsin Congressman from liberal Protestants, most of it not positive.  I've already stated that I think Ryan's budget was a good start in thinking about balancing the federal budget, but I tend to disagree with others on the center-right that Ryan's budget is the end all and be all.  But I also disagree with the center-left that is making Ryan out to be the devil himself.

I wish we could have a reasoned debate about the role of government and how Christians can best respond to issues like poverty.  As Christians, we have differing opinions on how to deal with poverty.  We can be faithful Christians and have different ideas on how to carry out God's justice.  We can disagree without resorting to painting the other side as evil.

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