Thursday, July 26, 2012

…If I Were Brave

I looked into the mirror Proud as I could be And I saw my pointing finger Pointing back at me Saying "Who named you accuser? Who gave you the scales?" I hung my head in sorrow; I could almost feel the nails. I said "This is how it is To be crucified and judged Without love." -"What About the Love", Amy Grant
When I first moved to Minneapolis, I lived in an upstairs apartment in a big house in Northeast Minneapolis. Downstairs lived two women who were good friends. At some point, the daughter of one of the women came to live at the house a short time. I remember when I first met this young lady, she brought up some conversation about slavery. She proclaimed that if she lived back in the time when slavery was still a part of American life, she would be against it. While I would hope this young white girl would choose the anti-slavery side, I knew that there was a good chance that if she were dumped in say, 1856 , she well might see the problem, shrug her shoulders and look the other way.

 It's been interesting to see all the ink or wattage spilled on the Penn State sex abuse scandal and the late Joe Paterno. Like most people, I think the statue of Paterno needed to be taken down and I think the football team needed to face some sanctions. Paterno's reputation has been forever wrecked by his own actions.

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