Thursday, January 08, 2009

New Look

So, you've noticed I've changed the look of the blog. It was time. The tagline has changed as well: "Not like the other pastors..."

What does that mean? Well, primarily it means that I am probably one of the few pastors that is on the autistic spectrum for one. And that I'm a slightly conservative (but definitely not fundamentalist) pastor in a politically liberal denomination. So, I am one odd duck.

And I happen to like that.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the digs.

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Purple Hydrangea said...

Hi Dennis, I am relatively to reading your blog. It caught my eye because my son is in the Autism Spectrum also, not diagnosed with Aspergers Syndrome, but PDD-NOS. I am so happy that you have been diagnosed because it is so traumatic knowing something is "OFF" but not knowing what/why. My son is now 18 and from the time he was 8 months we knew he was developmentally delayed. People would ask us does he have CP, MD, "what's the matter with him"... and we just could shrugg and say "don't know"... Of course Aspergers Syndrome was not recognized when my son was a baby, and he was not rated bad enough to be diagnosed as autistic... it was frustrating and I wonder if you had the same sort of issues??

Hope to continue reading more about you... michelle