Saturday, September 20, 2008

I Have This Great Idea...Just Give Me Ten Years to Explain It.

One of the things that I've learned about being an aspie is that we have a hard time explaining things. It's those darn communication skills. I remember a few years ago, trying to explain some idea I had to someone at church and failing to adequately explain that concept. I had an idea, but I could not share that with that person.

Australian blogger and fellow aspie, Gavin Bollard, shares that letter writing is one way for people to communicate with aspies. I would agree, but I think it also might be a way for those us with Aspergers to be able to communicate feelings and thoughts too hard to spell out in person.

More often than not, I can write a whole speech in my head, but for some reason, when I get in front of a person, that well written speech gets garbled. Maybe writing these thoughts would be more easier.

What about any other aspies out there? Is letter writing a way we can communicate with friends and neighbors?

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