Monday, July 07, 2008

Movie Review: "WALL.E"

Daniel and I have been in Michigan over the last few days visiting my parents and celebrating their 40th anniversary. We decided to go the movies yesterday and decided to see "WALL.E" the lastest Pixar/Disney joint.

I liked the movie. A lot.

I've seen some of the other Pixar movies, and they are all good, but this one was better. It told a story without few words. It talked about an artificial being that had more humanity than what humanity had become. And it was a story of the redemption of said humanity by a being that wasn't even human.

I agree with fellow blogger Jim Bonewald said of this movie: "Incredible animation, an inventive, unique storyline, and compelling social commentary all work together to make WALL-E a great animated movie."

And let's face it: WALL.E is cute. Kind of a cross between ET and R2D2.

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Patrick Roberts said...

Wall-E totally looks like the robot from "Short Circuit," minus the cheesy 80's style... but i'm sure Pixar made a totally original story otherwise