Sunday, March 02, 2008

Worshipping Accross the Ages

My fellow Disciple blogger, Danny Bradfield, asked me recently about worship with different generations. His concern is with having different worship services that attract different generations. He wanted to know my opinion.

Well, I like worshipping with different generations. We have people who are in their 90s to people in their teens. I like this mix. I like trying to learn from those several decades older than me.

I know that some people want different services to reach out to younger ages, but I worry that making a "hipper" worship service will leave out the wisdom of the older folks. And I think the older people have something to learn from us young ones. I guess I would rather have blended worship that appeals to different generations, than in trying to separate the tatooed set from the "blue hairs."

Maybe in the end, a community of God should try to strive towards diversity, not just in color, but in age as well.

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