Saturday, February 23, 2008

Creative Ministry

Yesterday was a good day. I found out I was approved for Ordained Ministerial Partner Standing in the Minnesota United Church of Christ. The Disciples and the UCC have an agreement that allows for the sharing of resources and the exchange of pastors. I am excited by this, because it gives me an opening to work with the UCC. I am trying to find a church that is willing to try something new in ministry. One wish is to get a group of people with a passion for mission that would try to live a new faith community. It would be church planting, the monastic way, I guess. In chatting with a UCC pastor, she noted there were churches that had some interest.

The other thing that has interested me is being an associate pastor in a church whose role is mission and maybe starting a new worship service. The problem is most churches with Associates tend to stick them with youth, something I don't have the skills for. I would love to do Christian Ed, but I would want to run youth and adult, again something that is not normally done.

I sometimes wish that churches could see different ways of using ministers, instead of the ways that have been used for decades.

Maybe there is a church that would be willing? We shall see.

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