Monday, December 31, 2007

My New Church Plan

Is this thing on?

As some of you might know, I am looking into the idea of planting a church again. I've sent it out to some people who haven't reviewed it yet- it is the holidays, but now I want to share it with a wider audience. Please let me know what you think, and if you are interested in joining me in this crazy endeavor, please let me know.

Here it is.

Happy New Year!


Reyes-Chow said...

Dennis - How exciting. The plan as you laid out it clear, trenchant and well thought out. Sounds very cool!

I know it is difficult to get everything in a proposal without making people's eyes glaze over, but here are a couple of things I would offer as you think this through, if not on paper, at least in your own head.

1) Visit other churches to see what would make you unique BESIDES being DOC. Also, what is doing well or not so well. What is missing that REALLY says, there needs to be ANOTHER new church plant and where? Spirit Garage, Solomon's Porch, etc.

2) What does this new model mean for pastoral leadership. What does your demographic say about what a community NEEDS in professional clergy and what the PERCEIVE their needs are for professional clergy.

3) What are the expectations for sustainability by yourself as well as the judicatory? People still want success by numbers, sustainability, etc. How will you approach that?

These are just some thoughts after a quick read and come from my experience over the past 6 years. I would definitely do some things differently if I were to do it again. Again, thought about these questions may not be appropriate to go into the proposal, but they are crucial to your own leadership and understanding of the bigger picture.

Again, very exciting and look forward to hearing more.


BTW: We have a DOC intern right now going through the ordination process in Indiana.

Anonymous said...

Hi Dennis,

Your outline looks very good. I think you're moving in the right direction here. I would also expand this using the suggestions that Reyes-Chow mentioned.

I hope you had a great New Year!