Friday, May 27, 2011

Tyler Cowen Autistic? Why Not?

One my favorite bloggers is economist Tyler Cowen. (If you haven't read his latest book on economics, read it.  It's possibly the most enjoyable book on economics I've ever read.) In an interview with the Atlantic, he reveals something I've long expected:

"In 2004 a reader of his blog suggested to him in an e-mail that he might be autistic," writes Greeley. (The reader in question was Kathleen Fasanella, a pattern maker and consultant who has Asperger syndrome.) "Offended at first, he applied himself to understanding the term, then decided he has what he calls an 'autistic cognitive style,' then wrote a book about it, Create Your Own Economy. (Cowen never sought a professional diagnosis.) ... He describes people with autism as 'infovores' who are attracted to information--the minutiae of train schedules. Or books."

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