Wednesday, August 19, 2009


My partner and I went to see "Adam" at a local arthouse theatre just outside of Minneapolis last week. For those who are not in the know, Adam is a movie about a young man that has Aspergers. It was a good movie in many ways. While the whole thing of being someone with Aspergers is the main part of the movie, it isn't in-your-face and it was a very good portrayal unlike "Mozart and the Whale" which was another movie that came out a few years ago about two people with Aspergers.

My beef with "Mozart" is that it tended to see Aspergers as something more like a mental illness where as "Adam" seemed to "get it." You could tell the people behind the film really did their homework on what it is to live like a person with with Aspergers.

Maybe the best thing was that it helped my partner understand what it is to be an Aspie. Adam's traits were far more pronounced than mine are, but there were some similiarities.

If the movie is playing in your town, please go see it, especially if you don't have Aspergers. It will help you deal with those Aspies you will meet along the way.


Pastor Kim said...

Oscar-----I am also a pastor with Aspberger's----I just read all your entries and I could've written them! Wish we could somehow talk in person----by email of course! I'd be much to uncomfortable to talk on the phone!) BTW, I'm an ELCA pastor who is quite worried how I'm gonna handle the folks come Sunday morning. Is there anyway we can connect? Kim

Danny Bradfield said...

My wife and I went and saw "Adam" last week. I agree, it was a good movie. I think there are a lot of us who may not be diagnosed with Aspergers, and probably couldn't be, and yet in a very mild & subtle way relate well to Adam.