Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Looking for Plan B

After my previous "sad sack" post, I've started to think more about my vocation and what to do next. I know that because of the Aspergers and other issues, my choices are limited. But I do have some choices that I need to discern. Here they are:

  1. Have my current job recognized as a ministry. In recently chatting with my Regional Minister, I wondered aloud if my current job as Communications Specialist for the Presbytery could be considered a ministry. In Presbyterianese it's called a validated ministry. There is one candidate who will be ordained this Sunday. Since he has a background in the theatre, he will be ordained as a minister of drama. He will continue to do his work and be related to a church in downtown Minneapolis. I could do something similar to that. It would mean writing up a job description and having membership in a DOC or UCC church and I would also need to have some blessing from the Presbytery meaning a trip to the local Committee on Ministry. The thing is, I am becoming a resource for churches in the Presbytery as well as within Disciples circles, so why don't I just do make this an official ministry?
  2. Find a congregation that will allow me to do some sort of outreach ministry. I've been toying with the idea of speaking with the pastor of a congregation and asking to do some sort of outreach ministry, such a Saturday night or Sunday evening service. I would love to do this and a fellow pastor who knows of my Aspergers suggested it. The downside, is trying to find a church that won't get caught up in "analysis paralysis."
  3. Young Adult Ministry. I've been meeting with a soon-to-be UCC pastor who has an idea for Young Adult Ministry. I've joined her, in helping shape this joint UCC-Disciples cause, though I haven't always been so enthused with visions of trying to run youth ministries and Community of Grace dancing in my head. But it looks promising. I'm designing the website and want to try to get the local Disciple churches interested.
  4. Restart Community of Grace. Let's face it- CoG was left undone. But it was also dwindling to nothing and I was tired and frustrated. But the idea was a good one. I still have a heart for this, but the downsides to this are way too many. I would need a sociable person to work with me, and I would just need people. In the past, that has always been an issue and I think it still will be.
  5. Create a diaconal style ministry. For some reason, I've always been attracted to diaconal ministry. I sometimes wish I could do seminary all over again and become a deacon. I love the whole concept of bridging church and world and that has been something I've done. I am thankful for the Lutherans, Anglicans and Catholics for maintaining a strong diaconate. Disciples, UCC and other Protestants have really diminished the role of deacons to the people who help serve communion or collect the offering. I think it's time to restore this order of ministry to other parts of Protestantism and I would love to be in the vanguard.
So those are my options. But I'd like to have others imput as well. So, please email me your thoughts and musings. Drop me a line at

In the meantime, I will be doing a lot of praying.

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