Wednesday, October 17, 2007

I Must Be Nuts....

I wrote this on Sunday, but I'm publishing it now:'s been a few months since I said goodbye to Community of Grace. Sadly, it was time put the church out of its misery. The thing is though, I am still interested in church planting. I have looked at other churches for open pastorates and I am keeping my mind and heart open to where God might be leading me...but this whole crazy idea of planting a church is still there.

The sad thing is that I really don't know of anyone who is committed and interested. I dunno, Minnesota can seem so barren at times when it comes to mission. All I can do is pray that there are people who might be interested in starting something new.

I keep getting the feeling that there needs to be something different among the few Disciple churches in the area. I think the current churches are trying, but there needs to be something more.

If I did start again, it would be different. We wouldn't try to be a new "old" church with a board and all that, but we would be a bit more organic: meeting for prayer, worship and doing works of justice. We would of course be open and affirming and it would be a Disciples of Christ congregation. I would also not be so interested in big numbers. I would rather have 10 strong people than 1000 who are pew warmers.

I have more I want to write, but it's late. Please keep me in your prayers as I think this through.

I feel like I'm a nut here...

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